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Our goal at Austin Pet Love is to relieve the separation anxiety that you and your pets experience when you must be away from them. Whether it’s an unavoidable business trip or a much deserved vacation, or if there are simply not enough hours in your day, we will keep your pets safe and cared for in their home and leave you free to enjoy your time away.

My name is Lisa and I am the owner of Austin Pet Love. I started this company for a couple of very basic reasons. Firstly a rather selfish one, I love animals and am at my happiest when caring for them. How wonderful to wake up every morning and look forward to the day ahead. I absolutely love what I do! Secondly, I have six very well loved pets of my own and always felt a certain anxiety in leaving them.

Although there are some great Austin pet sitters out there, I have personally had a few unsatisfactory experiences and during the busy holiday season there are simply not enough good ones to go around. Kenneling is an option for some but not for me and especially not if you have a variety of pets, as I do. As a teenager and young adult my family owned and operated a dog kennel in North Yorkshire, England, which is where I am originally from. There are some wonderful kennels to be found and I can tell you that my experience with the pets in our care was extremely positive. There are some pets, however, who are simply not well suited for kenneling. No matter how well looked after they are, you are gone, their routine has been completely disrupted and they become depressed and pine for their family.

At Austin Pet Love we sincerely believe that home pet care is the best choice. We are not a huge company or a franchise. We are a local, home-grown company in Austin with a select staff dedicated to caring for your pets, and you.

Lisa Poth

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